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We have added a section into our website for Fanola Brochures and Manuals to help aid customers knowledge and understanding of the Fanola Product Ranges. Understanding how to use the products correctly is vitally important and it will benefit you and your clients in the salon as you will be able to give them the best treatment possible.

No Yellow Colour Range

This is a No Yellow Colour Brochure which aids the reader to use the products more accurately. It contains useful information on directions of use of this colour range and tips on how to achieve the most perfect blondes.

Fanola Hygiene

A professional range of Fanola Sanitising products. This information booklet will explain the uses of the products and benefits it has for your personal hygiene and well-being.

No More

An information guide on the Fanola No More Range. No More is an environmentally friendly product range by Fanola. The range is conscious of water usage and has been made with fewer ingredients and less synthetic raw materials. This range is sustainable.

Oro Therapy

Oro Therapy is a professional cosmetic range of Hair Care which is enriched with Keratin and Argan Oils. This range will add softness and shine to all hair types. This brochure includes product information of each product in the Oro Therapy Range and Directions of Use for each product. It is definitely one to keep at hand.

Fanola Product Guide

A complete guide of Fanola Products. The brochure includes all ranges from Styling and Hair Care to Professional Use Colour Lines. This guide is very useful for hairdressers to keep at hand when shopping for Fanola products or if looking for a product for a certain hair type.

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