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Fanola No Yellow 9 Level Tone Bleaching Powder 500gr

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The special composition, boosted with violet micro-pigments with an anti-yellow action, lightens hair by up to 9 tones, in a gradual, balanced way, leaving the hair shiny and protected. Enriched with Blueberry Extract with an antioxidant action, it offers high-performance lightening, minimizing undesired yellow effects. Silica-free formula, without titanium dioxide

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Contains special three-dimensional anti-refection pigments, able to minimize the undesired yellow effect during the technical service. Thanks to these pigments we have developed and anti-yellow purple bleaching powder with ultra lightening action (up to 9 levels)

How to Use this product: Mixing ratio is 1:2 with Fanola Cream Developer 10, 20, 30 or 40-vol. Apply the mix on dry and unwashed hair, leave it on for no longer than 30 minutes. *If you want an extra high lift, check the color and condition of the hair that has just been pre-lightened, then proceed with a new application (do not rinse the first application) and shorter processing time. Do not exceed 45 minutes altogether.

Formula: Silica-free formal, without titanium dioxide
Lifting Power: Up to 9 levels
Assets: Bilberry extract with antioxidant properties
Action: Offers high-performance lightening, minimizing undesired yellow effects
Suitable For: All lightening techniques
Mix: 1:2 with Fanola Creme Developer 10,20,30 and 40 vol
Size: 500 gr, 17.6 oz, 500 ml


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