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Fanola No More Travel Kit


Introducing Fanola’s latest creation No: More 

With Active Miraclay Technology

Shape your Beauty with this new range from Fanola the specialists in High Quality Italian Hair Care

Try out the new ‘No More’ range with this cute travel size kit






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Fanola No More products are available in a travel size kit too, in order to guarantee a perfect natural and longer-lasting styling even after playing sports or during your journeys.

The Prep Cleanser 100ml
The Styling Mask 50ml

  1. The Prep Cleanser
    The special high-cleansing-power formula prepares the hair for treatment with THE STYLING MASK. Removes mineral impurities and resins from the hair shaft without removing the scalp’s hydrolipidic layer.
    Usage: Apply to wet hair, massage thoroughly and rinse responsibly.
  2. The Styling Mask

    Thanks to the innovative technology with natural elements, controls the volume of challenging, rebellious hair and reduces final drying time, making styling easier and guaranteeing a longer-lasting result. The rich cosmetic formula leaves hair extraordinarily soft and hydrated in just 2 minutes. SILICONE-FREE.

    Usage: Apply to the lengths and ends of wet hair, leave on for just 2 minutes, then rinse responsibly.


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